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Day 96: Visiting The Critically Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle

I have visited this female sea turtle several times already. She’s still the same creature years before: flat body shape, flipper arms, saw-like shell margins, sharp curving beak, soft puffy neck. Such an incredible work of evolution! Playing with her was such for a short while made my day despite being tricked by bogus drivers today. Read more →

Bohol Afternoon: The Joy of Packaged Tours

The minute you set foot on Bohol land, you will be the center of attention among the locals, marketing to you their good packaged tours for an affordable budget. They are like swarms of excited people, waving their hands at you, maintaining eye contact, and of course, pointing at their vans awaiting for you to nod your head for a sign of approval. They sure are interesting. Read more →