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Day 89: On A Spending Diet

It’s going to be such a splendid mid-year because I’ll be on a huge commitment – “Spending Diet.” I’ll be seeing myself either walking, catching a cheap jeepney ride, or nibbling on a Php5 bread sold across the Central Market. haha. I don’t know what had gotten into me but: A. I need to make sure that “being cheap” is a learned skill that I should bring with me when I embark on a 6-month “money-limited” trip around the Philippines next year; and B. I think it’s practical. Read more →

Day 88: How To Save Php22,500 A Month And Still Drink A Caramel Macchiato

If you’ve been following my journey in this blog, you might be familiar of the “goal” that I am trying to reach. One is setting foot on all the 80 provinces of the Philippines in 6 months, and the other is well, traveling around the world before I turn 30. I’ve been saving almost everyday since I started this blog. That’s how serious I could get. Read more →

Day 18: 14 Long Days Away From Home

Some people would spell it as “freedom” and some would say it’s the “ultimate adventure” but for me it is simply “relaxation.” Fourteen days not being able to sit infront of the computer is something I am looking forward to for the next couple of days. I am bound to arrive at Cauayan, Negros Occidental a few hours from now because the bus ride is around 3-4 hours. All I could think of right now is the beach. Ahh. Beach. Read more →

Day 16: Last Happy Shopping

It’s about time that I’ll shove all of my money in two secure places: 1) My bank and 2) My piggy bank – though, it seems like it’s not that secure after all but then again, that’s better than having none, right? Everyday I look at my world map stuck beside my working table and everyday I had that feeling that someday I will definitely be there. You might call me a bit obsessed but seriously I’m not. I am just trying to stick to the goal that I made roughly fifteen days ago. Read more →

Day 14: Daily Mantra

“I can do this!” Yeah. I say that to my face every single minute. It’s like preparing to take the Nursing Board Exams all over again where your head is there with no distractions whatsoever – it’s only you and the goal. With that I made a lot of plans with regards to this project and I made some sacrifices as well. Huge ones. I even changed my routine – different activites from the moment I wake up and when I am bout to go to sleep. Well, you can say that I am “sort of” dreaming for that big day to eventually come. Read more →