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Day 247: Every Darn Peso Counts!

The challenge? Six Hundred Pesos for Two Days in the City of Smiles! 😮

I was invited by a friend to go to Bacolod to attend the opening of a their “milk tea house” along the 21st Street BS Aquino Drive. Of course I went! Who would turn down an offer like that? The only problem was I only had Php600 literally in my pocket. Read more →

Day 203: 6 Incredible Site Features this Month

Of course this website is not only a place full of words like “I, me, myself, my, I, I, I” lol! – This website (ever since the beginning) is constantly changing, adapting, and improving. So, the month of October (203 days later), there will be some additional features in store for you, dear readers and first time visitors! 😆 * Drum rolls * Read more →

Day 78: How To Be Alone

Being alone does not mean being totally lonely. Sometimes I do want to be with myself to collect my thoughts, meditate, and just have that time of “freedom.” I got so inspired by this video: Read more →