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Day 253: Waking up in Cagayan de Oro

Yesterday was confusing. Our first flight was at 8AM to Davao and about 5 hours after smelling the atmosphere of the “king of fruits” – Durian, we then boarded to another plane to Cagayan de Oro (CDO). It felt like we were this bunch of kids that are really up for anything as long as we could head back home “ALIVE.” haha! Another journey begins. Read more →

Day 105: Advantages of Solo Female Travelers

It’s amazing how so many women nowadays are traveling solo around different areas in this planet. The number is really growing. The question now is: What are the advantages of women who travel solo?
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Day 17: Partying on a Budget

A few hours ago I had a fantastic time partying with my highschool and college friends. Of course we haven’t seen each other for quite some time now and well, we did a lot of catching up and a whole lot of “drinking” – so to speak. In my mind I was saying “Oh boy, I’ll be spending a lot tonight and my savings for my world travel plans will never be up to par.” So, for the whole night, I just spent roughly 300 pesos. That’s not bad because in most cases, I could spend around 500 to 1,000 for the night of “fun.” Read more →

Day 12: Personal Interest and Selfishness

Does this make me a bad person because I wanted to travel the world using my own money without even thinking of giving some to help my parents and family members? Maybe sponsor a child to finish his/her education with monetary support instead of jumping from one country to another? Read more →