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Day 72: Who Else Wants More Fun And Less Work?

The previous months were fabulous – I “practiced” my independence, tested my patience, and explored a part of the Philippines. I am planning on continuing that journey, hopefully to land my feet on all the 80 provinces of the country before a glorious trek around the world in 2014. Yes, the archipelago will be my “training ground” and a simulation of what will be ahead of me. That’s the essence of Project 730. Read more →

Day 52: 7 Posts in a Day

Since my plan of a 7am trek to Balaan Bukid, Guimaras, for a feature story was cancelled due to my overly dramatic lifestyle of playing badminton yesterday without prior warm-up, I ended up bedridden and hopeless. Haha. Luckily, I made use of my time – cranking up posts of my so-called backlogs. Quite frankly, I felt relieved when I decided not to go. That gave me time to really “just do” the blogging part. Read more →

Day 38: Sucked Into The City Life

It will be a week already that I have returned from Cebu and life now is slowly telling me to set those memories aside and go back to the “usual routine” that you do for a living. Somehow I miss wandering off to different areas in cities that I have never walked on. I mean, that satisfaction of discovering something by yourself is pretty much a life lesson in some aspect. Right? Read more →

Day 37: Status Report

So far, I have published 46 posts, 5 pages, 13 categories, and around 150 tags. Surprisingly, I also have readers that had brought the rank of this site from a 355 to now, a 343 – With that, I am already happy. It has been such a ride. I have managed to create a Facebook fan page for Between Coordinates and it reached 92 likes in a span of 3 days. 87 people are talking about it and 1,760 people are reached through Facebook. Hopefully, this will grow even more. Read more →

Day 36: Iloilo City Tourist

My phones were ringing nonstop today. I was requested to swing by the office to create an invitation design for an event on Saturday. Boo! Then again, I took it as an opportunity to “explore.” Well, more of simulate the role of an actual “tourist.” So, before I arrived at the office, I took a jeepney ride and wandered around the metro for a few minutes, talked to different people as if I don’t know the place, took some photos, admired the Ilonggos walking along the busy streets – it was absolutely stunning. Read more →

Day 35: Playing with Google Maps

695 days to go before I embark on a life-changing journey around the globe. With all that excitement bottled inside of me, I could not resist browsing into Google Maps. I was looking at the streets that I have been to, the places I visited, not to mention all those countries that I would want to somehow set foot on – Yes, I was that that crazy! Probably delirious. Read more →

Day 16: Last Happy Shopping

It’s about time that I’ll shove all of my money in two secure places: 1) My bank and 2) My piggy bank – though, it seems like it’s not that secure after all but then again, that’s better than having none, right? Everyday I look at my world map stuck beside my working table and everyday I had that feeling that someday I will definitely be there. You might call me a bit obsessed but seriously I’m not. I am just trying to stick to the goal that I made roughly fifteen days ago. Read more →

How to Ride a “Banka”

“Banka” is a small traditional wooden boat used by local fishermen and merchants in the Philippines to transfer goods from one area to another with or without a gasoline engine. It looks like a typical dugout canoe but with an attached float – normally called an “outrigger” to provide stability. Some small ships like these may or may not have sails since people accustomed to this mode of transportation use paddles. Read more →