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Getting There: Taoist Temple With my Red Shoes

I was not in Cebu City mainly to tour the place. I just got lucky that the event of Younglife ended early – consider this as a sidetrip rather than the main trip alone. So, I guess a few hours before riding a 12-hour boat to Iloilo should be maximized. Hey! An awesome walk to the Taoist Temple is… “maximizing time” haha! Read more →

Day 51: Snowball Day

Yes, I know. I’m dreaming of snowballs to conquer the Philippines at this time of the year. Haha. We could not deny that the scorching heat of the sun is trying to kill us UV ray after UV ray. So, I went down to Fuel.PH’s store at Smallville and well, me and my friend, RJ, ordered Php30 snowballs, which of course, are divine! Not to mention their moist carrot cake and “mint” milk tea. Yum! Read more →