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El Salvador: The Water that Heals

Do you believe in miracles? Along the Divine Mercy Hills of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, lies the Divine Mercy Shrine where there was believed to be a powerful healing water that could cure illnesses and other diseases. Read more →

Walk of Faith at the Divine Mercy Shrine

Who would ever believe that the tallest Divine Mercy Statue is in the Philippines? Hailing at 50 feet, I was not aware that it was the “World’s Tallest” when we visited the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental a week ago. This reminds me of Brazil’s “Cristo Redentor” statue along Rio de Janeiro’s river which tops it off a few more notch at 98 feet. Read more →

Janiuay, Iloilo: Basking in The Ambience of Damires Hills

This is a review about the talk of the town, I guess. I was curious of that “amazing place”that they have mentioned. And you won’t even believe a thing that I just wrote on the title of this post, right? The cool thing about this adventure is that we had the whole place to ourselves and relaxation is really our mantra of the day. Oh yeah! Read more →