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Day 257: Cashless Departure to the Homeland

On the 6th day of this Mindanao Adventure, everybody is now experiencing overall body malaise, fatigue, and most of all, struggling in the verge of bankruptcy! Well, what can you expect from pre-planned slash unexpected plans from our itinerary and budget? It was a roller-coaster ride of positives and negatives in our budget that some of us even withdrawn from respective banks just to get back home safe. Lol. Read more →

Day 179: After a Brief Hiatus, I’m Back!

Hey there, stranger! I assume nobody is reading my blog posts anymore. LOL! 🙂 It has been a crazy joy ride the past couple of “days” – 48 to be exact! I remember it so clearly like it was just hours ago that I set aside my unfinished articles and said “I’ll publish these later.” Procrastination came hours became days, days to weeks, and now, a month and two weeks! Ok, I lied about the “Brief Hiatus” thing… But I’m not lying that I’m seriously back, though. I miss writing! 😀 Read more →

Day 121: Last Day of Being 21

Two weeks of going about life. Two weeks of doing things out of my ordinary lifestyle. For two weeks, I was able to drink an expensive sparkling water from France, I was able to play several “good notes” on my saxophone with the right embouchure, I ran my first marathon, I spent thousands in one single day (which I hope will not happen again), I finished reading a novel in two days, I cooked some Italian food, I drank a fine glass of red wine on a hot afternoon while working on some designs, and I splurged myself with great tasting Chicago deep dish pizza and Starbucks coffee. Read more →

Day 104: Workstations While on the Road

I’ve been designing for several years already and I have been to some “comfortable” and “uncomfortable” places as well. You get to see those photos of a laptop and the crystal clear blue beach background more often for those seasoned digital nomads. I think I could say that I can probably work anywhere as long as there’s a strong internet connection. And somehow, the beach is not the only workstation you can have. Read more →

Day 103: Benefits of Traveling With a Nursing Degree

A few months ago, I unluckily sprained my ankle while standing on a corner when suddenly a person was running and accidentally hit me down to the ground. It was quite unexpected, though. I was in Compostela, Cebu – very far from the nearest clinic and just a few (probably 200 meters) away from the local “sari-sari store.” Good thing they were selling ice there so I had no choice but to nurse myself at that point in time. Read more →

Day 99: Idiot’s Guide To Hot Weather

Putting the “nomadic lifestyle” on hold can be very educating in terms of basic survival skills at home. Yes, the air conditioning unit broke – as in “not-cooling-me-on-a-hot-weather” broke. I was practically boxed inside my workplace with no breathing space – and prayers to God that the rain would instantly pour to compensate with the “technical situation.” Phew. Read more →

Day 85: Route Plotting – Visayas

So far, these are the places that I’ll be visiting (roughly). First off on the map is Visayas – divided into Western, Central, and Eastern. Luckily, I have plotted the possible route for the #PHL80_23 project. Check this out! Read more →

Day 65: Return Ticket to Home

Yes. I’m sick. I woke up with a heavy chest, and well, sadly, an interrupted sleep. In as much as I would want to stay in Bacolod City, I couldn’t. It’s time for me to head back home and have some rest before another journey begins. haha 😉 Cashing in my return ticket to home! Yahoo. Time to work on the Bacolod Series – on bed rest, that is. Read more →

Day 52: 7 Posts in a Day

Since my plan of a 7am trek to Balaan Bukid, Guimaras, for a feature story was cancelled due to my overly dramatic lifestyle of playing badminton yesterday without prior warm-up, I ended up bedridden and hopeless. Haha. Luckily, I made use of my time – cranking up posts of my so-called backlogs. Quite frankly, I felt relieved when I decided not to go. That gave me time to really “just do” the blogging part. Read more →

Day 50: A Map For Thursday

It was a month before the Nursing Licensure Examination and I found myself staring at our wall filled with reminders, notes, and motivational quotes, posters, illustrations – practically a huge room-sized “vision board.” It was an hour before the exams and I made use of that time to pray the rosary. Then, it was time to take the test and a few months after… I passed. 8) Read more →