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Day 256: Drying Laundries at Ramon Magsaysay Park

Remember my dilemma at packing and me being a virgin at backpacking? I suppose this still covers it. Although, I am trying my best to fit into the culture of being an expert at traveling light. Haha! 🙂 At 8:45AM, we are now here in Ramon Magsaysay Park, just  near the Sta. Ana Wharf – probably just a 15-minute walk or a 2-minute tricycle ride. Read more →

Day 107: Giving Money to Street Kids is Not a Good Idea

Before I thought I was being generous to them but thinking about it “practically” is not doing them any good. I know it sounds selfish but consider the fact that these kids should learn how to find other means of earning rather than just extending their arms, pout, and beg for money. Read more →

Day 76: How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

Grace, Annabelle, Jun-Jun, and Carlo, I met these kids at Inayawan, Cebu – a place where the big municipal landfill is at. You get to meet a lot of families who are still dependent on garbage (just like in the Calahunan Dumpsite, Iloilo), children just collect things from the filthy mountain of people’s daily wastes. I know. It’s sad. Read more →