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Courage to Keep on Trying

The future unveils itself at each passing second. The present becomes the past and every second before the future becomes our present. Whatever decisions we do in the present affects the outcome of the coming future. Situations, circumstances, and unexpected events throw themselves to us at any given point in time. We choose a path, we see the results, and we learn from it. That’s life. Read more →

Day 461: Lessons Learned from a Life on Pause

It has been a while since I last posted in this website. It has also been a while since I lugged my black backpack and frolicked around the beautiful islands of my home country. Everything that I thought I could do slowly began to die down. Read more →

Day 69: Luxurious Fantasies

A Bentley Mulsanne, a gigantic three-storey eleven bedroom home with a pool and a tennis court, a great office job, and a bank account fatter than Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates’ combined – this was my dream and I thought it will be perfect. Thinking it over, it will never be perfect. I came to realize after several treks, several conversations with people around me and people in different walks of life, there are a lot of things that money could not buy. And it’s true. Happiness cannot be bought. Read more →