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Christmas Day in the Province: A Different Kind of Celebration

Huge gift-wrapped presents with glimmering ribbons under the tall, green, Christmas tree; stockings of various sizes hung along the walls – filled with candies, chocolates, gold, edible coins scattered everywhere; the smell of honey-glazed ham, pasta, and hot bread, filled the atmosphere as the whole family awaits the birth of Jesus Christ; the dancing lights of different bold colors twinkle as the music plays in full tune during a cold, breezy, Christmas eve… Read more →

Day 188: They Said I Was Reaching For The Moon

“So, where do you volunteer, now that you’re a Registered Nurse? I heard there’s an opening in this hospital, are you planning to submit an application there? Will you be pursuing Medicine anytime soon? Wow. You’re a nurse… more dollars for the family then…” Read more →