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Day 200: Unplugged

All of my work files, travel photos, client database,  and paid applications were wiped out seconds after the screen turned blank. Scratching my head like a complete idiot and simultaneously sipping a cup of mint tea, I suddenly sat completely still and wished for a miracle to happen. Oh boy, there’s no miracle in this type of situation. So, I packed my stuff,  called the nearest computer repair shop, and went on. “What the frac! I’m going to start from scratch?! – the codes, the website back-up files, videos, photos, everything! Panic mode, on!” 🙁 Read more →

“Panic Mode” Somewhere Along SLEX

It was indeed a series of unfortunate events when I was in Manila – not to mention my “killer heels” situation in Pasay City, or being totally drenched in Quezon City while hailing a fully loaded Public Utility Bus going to Paranaque City, or the part where I was chased by an unchained Dalmatian Dog… Then this! We got lost in the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) in the middle of the night all because of a single missed turn. Read more →