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Day 247: Every Darn Peso Counts!

The challenge? Six Hundred Pesos for Two Days in the City of Smiles! 😮

I was invited by a friend to go to Bacolod to attend the opening of a their “milk tea house” along the 21st Street BS Aquino Drive. Of course I went! Who would turn down an offer like that? The only problem was I only had Php600 literally in my pocket. Read more →

Day 76: How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

Grace, Annabelle, Jun-Jun, and Carlo, I met these kids at Inayawan, Cebu – a place where the big municipal landfill is at. You get to meet a lot of families who are still dependent on garbage (just like in the Calahunan Dumpsite, Iloilo), children just collect things from the filthy mountain of people’s daily wastes. I know. It’s sad. Read more →