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Christmas Day in the Province: A Different Kind of Celebration

Huge gift-wrapped presents with glimmering ribbons under the tall, green, Christmas tree; stockings of various sizes hung along the walls – filled with candies, chocolates, gold, edible coins scattered everywhere; the smell of honey-glazed ham, pasta, and hot bread, filled the atmosphere as the whole family awaits the birth of Jesus Christ; the dancing lights of different bold colors twinkle as the music plays in full tune during a cold, breezy, Christmas eve… Read more →

Day 96: Visiting The Critically Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle

I have visited this female sea turtle several times already. She’s still the same creature years before: flat body shape, flipper arms, saw-like shell margins, sharp curving beak, soft puffy neck. Such an incredible work of evolution! Playing with her was such for a short while made my day despite being tricked by bogus drivers today. Read more →