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Day 257: Cashless Departure to the Homeland

On the 6th day of this Mindanao Adventure, everybody is now experiencing overall body malaise, fatigue, and most of all, struggling in the verge of bankruptcy! Well, what can you expect from pre-planned slash unexpected plans from our itinerary and budget? It was a roller-coaster ride of positives and negatives in our budget that some of us even withdrawn from respective banks just to get back home safe. Lol. Read more →

Day 58: Get on The Floor

It was raining the whole week and on this day, I was soaking wet. I bid goodbye to the rustic beauty of Buro-buro Resort. After the several hours of a bumpy ride along Granada, I was finally able to take a rest at the Young Life Center in San Juan St., Bacolod City. Of course, it is not only me who took that sleep. Many did and the luggages were everywhere. Read more →