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Visiting Roxas City with Php375

It was a rainy 4am. I was in McDonalds, at Atrium Mall, Iloilo, hugging my luggage and desperately waiting for the others to arrive. The first 30 minutes had passed and nobody was there. Fifteen minutes later, my friend, Lica, arrived. An hour after, two more friends came over (Kams and Drem) despite the outpour. We were headed off to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines – Roxas City, Capiz! 8) Read more →

Day 8: Getting Too Excited

It has been a week and all that I could think of is sharing a bus ride with a complete stranger going through the roads of Asia. Several nights already had passed and it seems like only yesterday that I said to myself that I am pretty much sure that I will travel the world before I turn 30. I’m currently 21 and yes I am sort of in a position to make everything work well. Read more →