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Day 257: Cashless Departure to the Homeland

On the 6th day of this Mindanao Adventure, everybody is now experiencing overall body malaise, fatigue, and most of all, struggling in the verge of bankruptcy! Well, what can you expect from pre-planned slash unexpected plans from our itinerary and budget? It was a roller-coaster ride of positives and negatives in our budget that some of us even withdrawn from respective banks just to get back home safe. Lol. Read more →

Day 222: Say Hello to Squat Toilets

It was 3am and the boat vibrations were still lulling me to sleep. My bladder was really full and I had an urge to urinate. So, I stood up with pride, walking pass the sleeping room mates of mine, battling with the inertia and my dwindling half-asleep-half-awake mode, I managed to enter the men’s – oops!!! No, I managed to enter the women’s bathroom with such drunken grace. Read more →

Day 66: Bed Rest

Yesterday, I finally arrived home. I did not have the time to unpack my bags so I cuddled on my bed and hid behind the sheets. I am sick. That feeling of body malaise, nonstop coughing, runny nose, fever, headache – name it all. I was on my bed the whole time, turning from side to side, it was definitely a strange moment. Read more →

Day 58: Get on The Floor

It was raining the whole week and on this day, I was soaking wet. I bid goodbye to the rustic beauty of Buro-buro Resort. After the several hours of a bumpy ride along Granada, I was finally able to take a rest at the Young Life Center in San Juan St., Bacolod City. Of course, it is not only me who took that sleep. Many did and the luggages were everywhere. Read more →

Day 55: The Actual Farmville

 It’s like I am in some part of Vietnam – tall grasses, green, thick, healthy fields, farmers and their good earth bounty. I waved at them, while I was holding on to the vehicle railings, heading towards a more steeper terrain, and they waved back. 😉 Huge rocks, tall trees, beautiful, big, blue sky, and surrouding indigo mountains across the border. Yes. Magnificent. And the place that I am headed to is a secluded resort called “Buro-Buro”… When I arrived, I was astounded by the elegance it eluded. Read more →

Panglao Island, Bohol: Peaceful Alona Beach

In the early 1980’s, the peaceful Alona Beach in Panglao Island, Bohol, was originally known as the “Tawala Seaside” until a famous Philippine film star of that decade named Alona Allegre, came to the beach and made a film there as a mermaid who fell in love with a mortal. So, during the filming of the movie, local men would shout “Alona!” because they wanted to see here. Thus, the name of the beach. Read more →

Day 43: Burning Passion

Today I learned about “passion” – doing things in life that you actually enjoy. For me, passion is falling inlove with what you do, pursuing those things that make you happy, and above all, it gives you that “purpose of living.” I mean, you take control. Read more →

Day 42: Experiences Put Into Words

It is great that I am almost done with the Bohol blog series, I only have three posts left before working on Cebu, Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras, Negros Oriental and Occidental, Manila, and lastly, Iloilo. May will be another month of trips and I hope I could finish these backlogs sooner. Read more →

Bohol Afternoon: The Joy of Packaged Tours

The minute you set foot on Bohol land, you will be the center of attention among the locals, marketing to you their good packaged tours for an affordable budget. They are like swarms of excited people, waving their hands at you, maintaining eye contact, and of course, pointing at their vans awaiting for you to nod your head for a sign of approval. They sure are interesting. Read more →

Day 41: Learning The Basics

I am not an expert in blogging, although I did multiple blog entries in some of my websites, which I do for fun and for my writing freedom too – but those are not really “niche articles.” Just like learning how to solve complex mathematical equations, I placed myself as the student of those who are what I call “professional bloggers.” I learn from them – from the structure of an article to the labeling of photos to the inline links, it was like I was in Journalism class all over again. Read more →