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Day 20: The Quest for Answers

We all know that the internet is probably the most knowledgeable gadget in the history of mankind – well, technically next to te human brain. We, humans are created with this thing called “curiosity” – CURIOSITY is the beginning of everything. We create questions and we seek answers. Now, answers an be found by just a click of a button or a tap on the screen. Where’s the fun in that? Read more →

Day 18: 14 Long Days Away From Home

Some people would spell it as “freedom” and some would say it’s the “ultimate adventure” but for me it is simply “relaxation.” Fourteen days not being able to sit infront of the computer is something I am looking forward to for the next couple of days. I am bound to arrive at Cauayan, Negros Occidental a few hours from now because the bus ride is around 3-4 hours. All I could think of right now is the beach. Ahh. Beach. Read more →

Day 10: Broader View of the World

The world is inevitably huge. I was marking my home country with a felt tip pen (to know the area that I’ll be wandering on soon) and this is when I realized that “Wow. Even being 1/4 of land on Earth, it is incredibly massive.” Imagine, seven continents with around 180,497 islands floating on the blue waters. Philippines has approximately 7,107 islands and I could not even get my feet to every single one. How much more for the remaining 173,390? Read more →

Have a Taste of Freshly Caught Sea Urchins

The spikes of these creatures are really deceiving. Not to mention some of which are quite poisonous when it comes in contact with your skin – sea urchin injury is another story, though. Who knew they can be such an expensive delicacy in countries like Japan (uni) and Italy (ricci di mare)? A few years ago I absolutely thought these creatures were just another addition to marine life monsters that I’ll be fearing of. I guess not anymore. Read more →

How to Ride a “Banka”

“Banka” is a small traditional wooden boat used by local fishermen and merchants in the Philippines to transfer goods from one area to another with or without a gasoline engine. It looks like a typical dugout canoe but with an attached float – normally called an “outrigger” to provide stability. Some small ships like these may or may not have sails since people accustomed to this mode of transportation use paddles. Read more →

Amateur Snorkeling 101

Snorkeling is a very therapeutic activity. (It works for me!) Think of it as swimming and watching National Geographic or Discovery Channel all at the same time! Through snorkeling, you could see the marine life in a natural setting without the added equipment like that of Scuba Diving – it will be just you, the mask, and the snorkel. Basically, you are simply floating on the surface and breathing through a tube while you adore the beautiful aquatic life. Read more →

Hang on a Bridge with Caution

The Hanging Bridge in Bohol is not really made to become one of the popular tourist destinations – it simply became an attraction because of the “danger” that you will be expecting from it. It’s main role is to connect the two lands beside the Loboc River. The thing is, this bridge is made of interwoven bamboos and there are evidences that some parts are already “old” and well, risky. Read more →

Relaxation and Tranquil Waters

Every time I felt  pressure from work, peers, parents, or just plain “stress” and anxiety, I would be thinking of heading down to the nearest beach and unwind. I don’t know if most people do that but I find it very relaxing when I hear the waters gush towards the coast, and the sound of the coconut leaves brushing on to each other. Luckily, I live in a tropical country surrounded by water across every border. Thank God Philippines is an archipelago! Read more →