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Day 239: The Young Life Experience

I admit I took very simple things for granted. I grew up with almost everything provided for me – I consider myself as one of those “lucky” people probably born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I depended too much on household helps that it took me 22 years to realize that I don’t know how to survive without someone to rely on. This is what I have learned in Cebu for my week long exposure as a work crew in Young Life Oktober Kamp 2012 – and from the couple of camps I attended this year. Read more →

Day 200: Unplugged

All of my work files, travel photos, client database,  and paid applications were wiped out seconds after the screen turned blank. Scratching my head like a complete idiot and simultaneously sipping a cup of mint tea, I suddenly sat completely still and wished for a miracle to happen. Oh boy, there’s no miracle in this type of situation. So, I packed my stuff,  called the nearest computer repair shop, and went on. “What the frac! I’m going to start from scratch?! – the codes, the website back-up files, videos, photos, everything! Panic mode, on!” 🙁 Read more →

Day 106: Avoiding Unwanted Male Attention

I feel disrespected when I pass by the street and a bunch of men on the corner whistle and shout things like “Hey beautiful” or even the likes of “Psssst!” It’s crazy and utterly degrading on my part. 🙁 Sometimes, I pity them. I don’t know. Psychologically, they just really need attention. So, what’s the best thing to do in a case like this? Read more →

Day 92: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2012

It all started with a single thought of traveling the world before turning 30 – that’s approximately 9 years. Between Coordinates is mainly established to hold posts about my travels and my plans to circle the globe. Instead, it became a portal for some people to relate about the places they have been to, experiences they had when they started traveling (especially packing light), and just having those “spur of the moment” conversations practically anything under the sun (life per se, struggles, passion, finances, the importance of living and work). Read more →

Day 91: Time Is Luxury. Money Is Nothing!

A year and a few months after being in college: wild dreams of becoming a corporate guru and a billionaire – these were the thoughts of a young woman bound to be exiled in a life of regrets. Now, I just want to do the things I love and finally get a life that is actually worth living. No straight 8-hour work slavery. No “limited” vacations. No gigantic paychecks that will never make you happy and contented – it only makes you hungry for more. No “you-have-to-work-here-to-have-money-and-enjoy-life” sermons. That’s the last of it. Read more →

Day 88: How To Save Php22,500 A Month And Still Drink A Caramel Macchiato

If you’ve been following my journey in this blog, you might be familiar of the “goal” that I am trying to reach. One is setting foot on all the 80 provinces of the Philippines in 6 months, and the other is well, traveling around the world before I turn 30. I’ve been saving almost everyday since I started this blog. That’s how serious I could get. Read more →

Day 75: Hell Week Starts Now

Let’s just say I have a lot of projects to complete before the end of the month and on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is being completely done, I’m at 2. Aside from trying to work “36” hours a day, I am also on a diet – count an hour of running to shed off the pounds I have gained this May. Though, I am really excited to go somewhere, I am still stuck with a week full of heavy load. Wish me luck as I literally “design” to travel the world! Read more →

Day 43: Burning Passion

Today I learned about “passion” – doing things in life that you actually enjoy. For me, passion is falling inlove with what you do, pursuing those things that make you happy, and above all, it gives you that “purpose of living.” I mean, you take control. Read more →

Day 42: Experiences Put Into Words

It is great that I am almost done with the Bohol blog series, I only have three posts left before working on Cebu, Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras, Negros Oriental and Occidental, Manila, and lastly, Iloilo. May will be another month of trips and I hope I could finish these backlogs sooner. Read more →

Bohol Afternoon: The Joy of Packaged Tours

The minute you set foot on Bohol land, you will be the center of attention among the locals, marketing to you their good packaged tours for an affordable budget. They are like swarms of excited people, waving their hands at you, maintaining eye contact, and of course, pointing at their vans awaiting for you to nod your head for a sign of approval. They sure are interesting. Read more →