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Day 43: Burning Passion

Today I learned about “passion” – doing things in life that you actually enjoy. For me, passion is falling inlove with what you do, pursuing those things that make you happy, and above all, it gives you that “purpose of living.” I mean, you take control. Read more →

Day 42: Experiences Put Into Words

It is great that I am almost done with the Bohol blog series, I only have three posts left before working on Cebu, Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras, Negros Oriental and Occidental, Manila, and lastly, Iloilo. May will be another month of trips and I hope I could finish these backlogs sooner. Read more →

Bohol Afternoon: The Joy of Packaged Tours

The minute you set foot on Bohol land, you will be the center of attention among the locals, marketing to you their good packaged tours for an affordable budget. They are like swarms of excited people, waving their hands at you, maintaining eye contact, and of course, pointing at their vans awaiting for you to nod your head for a sign of approval. They sure are interesting. Read more →

Day 41: Learning The Basics

I am not an expert in blogging, although I did multiple blog entries in some of my websites, which I do for fun and for my writing freedom too – but those are not really “niche articles.” Just like learning how to solve complex mathematical equations, I placed myself as the student of those who are what I call “professional bloggers.” I learn from them – from the structure of an article to the labeling of photos to the inline links, it was like I was in Journalism class all over again. Read more →

Loboc River Lunch Cruise

When we think of having lunch, we usually see ourselves sitting in a nice restaurant with friendly waiters to cater to our needs – well, that’s the one I have my mindset on anyway. Being in Bohol is everything out of the ordinary! And a good lunch at Loboc River will surely give you that new dining experience – cruising the waters, of course. Read more →

Ironic Two-Hour Fast Ferry to Bohol

It was my first time to ride a ferry boat going to somewhere I haven’t laid my eyes on. So there we were at the seaport waiting in line to purchase our tickets, I was very excited and very eager to ride the boat… When I first heard of “Fast Ferry,” I immediately said to myself “Hey. This is great! This will actually take us a few minutes to get there.” Then, when I got hold of our pass, it spelled 2 long hours! 🙁 Yeah, I accepted the fact that it will be, obviously, a long ride to Bohol. Read more →

Cebu to Bohol 4D/3N Itinerary Fail

I was searching for 2009-2010 files from my so-called “travels” and so I browsed through the folders with names like SUMMER_10, OCTOBORA, and worse, GKDST. Luckily, I was able to find some useable images for this blog. I honestly don’t know how to start a “travel blog” entry but I guess this is worth a shot. With that awkward introduction, please forgive me for my “trying-hard” writings – I’m sure it will improve in the long run. Read more →

Day 40: Reorganizing The Schedule

It’s another Monday and yes everyone has a lot on their sleeves as of the moment – especially me. I am on the verge of my “near-breaking-point” if I could not put my schedules into the right order. That’s why I am doing some reorganization of my lifestyle. This time I am including a 2 hour time for blogging alone. That should give me a hefty 22 hour adjustment – throw in a good 7-8 hour sleep.

Read more →

Day 39: Attention Grabber

Normally, on Sundays, I’d be at home exercising my thumb on the television remote switching from National Geographic to Discovery Channel to something like Star World. Yes, I’m your typical couch potato. But since I started this blog, I was really on the go. If there’s extra time, I can be found anywhere in our city or maybe somewhere in another town – it is that addicting and beyond exciting! Read more →

Day 38: Sucked Into The City Life

It will be a week already that I have returned from Cebu and life now is slowly telling me to set those memories aside and go back to the “usual routine” that you do for a living. Somehow I miss wandering off to different areas in cities that I have never walked on. I mean, that satisfaction of discovering something by yourself is pretty much a life lesson in some aspect. Right? Read more →