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Day 239: The Young Life Experience

I admit I took very simple things for granted. I grew up with almost everything provided for me – I consider myself as one of those “lucky” people probably born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I depended too much on household helps that it took me 22 years to realize that I don’t know how to survive without someone to rely on. This is what I have learned in Cebu for my week long exposure as a work crew in Young Life Oktober Kamp 2012 – and from the couple of camps I attended this year. Read more →

How to Spend 12 Grueling Hours via Sea?

You hop on board, find your deck, put down your things, get some blankets, and then it has been only 15 minutes. What happens for the rest of the 11 hours and 45 minutes on a 12-hour boat ride to somewhere amazing? Iloilo to Cebu takes exactly that long to travel via sea. 😀 Read more →

Day 98: My Father Was The President

I could still remember my Grade School teacher laughing at me as I was writing on the paper that asked for the name of my father. I was an innocent child – so I wrote with all honesty “Carlos P. Garcia” and I did not really find any of it funny. Heck, at that age, I was not even aware that the name was actually a former president of the Republic of the Philippines. The eighth to be exact. It’s ridiculous! Up until now, I still get the same reaction from people. Read more →

Day 92: Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs For 2012

It all started with a single thought of traveling the world before turning 30 – that’s approximately 9 years. Between Coordinates is mainly established to hold posts about my travels and my plans to circle the globe. Instead, it became a portal for some people to relate about the places they have been to, experiences they had when they started traveling (especially packing light), and just having those “spur of the moment” conversations practically anything under the sun (life per se, struggles, passion, finances, the importance of living and work). Read more →

The Dying Tradition of Budbud Making

Budbud is a “first class” salt produced in towns like Miag-ao, San Joaquin, Guimbal, Igbaras, Tubungan and even Tigbauan and Oton – these salts were pain-stakingly made from bamboo nodes and sells for about P1,500.00 to P2,000.00 per sack. In the book of Failagao entitled “History of Miagao” (read blog post of iloveiloilo) the author mentioned that the salt-making industry in Miagao, Iloilo, originated in Barangay Guibongan in the year 1823. 8) Now, that’s history! Read more →

Day 60: Zombie Day

I was fortunate enough to have relatives here in Bacolod City. If it weren’t for them, I might be sleeping beside the City Hall with a few hundred pesos in my wallet. So, yes, I stayed with them here in Tangub and they provided me with a room, comfy bed, electric fan, food, everything. This was certainly awesome. Read more →

Day 59: Hawaiian Breakfast, Literally

I smelled pizza, cheeseburgers, and buffalo wings when I woke up. – not those fastfood buys that we get to have from the local mall. 😉 I stayed at my relatives’ home in Tangub, Bacolod City and I never expected an “international” meal like this. Little did I know that my aunt and her husband arrived a few minutes earlier when I had the chance of smelling that grilled cheese flavor. They came from Hawaii and yes, they brought a great breakfast – carboloaded too, for us all. Read more →

Day 57: Fresh Spring Water Experience

I thought Buro-buro was a “beach resort” so I packed a lot of sleeveless shirts and a bunch of summer shorts. – throw in a native hat, too! When we arrived a few days ago, it was actually a mountain resort with free flowing spring water. Oh no! And at around 10 in the evening, it felt like I am just in Baguio – combine the altitude, rain, and of course, the usual temperature of the place. I was battling with the cold! Read more →

Day 56: Camera Trouble… Again!

Now that I am in this place, all I needed to do was to take a snapshot of the view I am seeing – and well, show it to all of you. Just when I was about to take a great snapshot of the sunrise from the little pond full of lillies, the camera went crazy – zooming up and down and giving off that weird, crashing sound. I was totally devastated. Read more →

Day 55: The Actual Farmville

 It’s like I am in some part of Vietnam – tall grasses, green, thick, healthy fields, farmers and their good earth bounty. I waved at them, while I was holding on to the vehicle railings, heading towards a more steeper terrain, and they waved back. 😉 Huge rocks, tall trees, beautiful, big, blue sky, and surrouding indigo mountains across the border. Yes. Magnificent. And the place that I am headed to is a secluded resort called “Buro-Buro”… When I arrived, I was astounded by the elegance it eluded. Read more →