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El Salvador: The Water that Heals

Do you believe in miracles? Along the Divine Mercy Hills of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, lies the Divine Mercy Shrine where there was believed to be a powerful healing water that could cure illnesses and other diseases. Read more →

Buro Buro Resort: Free Flowing Spring Water

A spring is any natural situation where water flows to the surface of the earth from underground. Buro Buro Resort is already 15 years old and is known for it’s abundant, fresh, spring water, and rustic ambiance. But because it is far from the city’s reach, not all people are aware that there is this little gem in Negros Occidental waiting to be that “next” spot for locals and tourists. Just head on to Granada and you could see for yourself! Read more →

Day 60: Zombie Day

I was fortunate enough to have relatives here in Bacolod City. If it weren’t for them, I might be sleeping beside the City Hall with a few hundred pesos in my wallet. So, yes, I stayed with them here in Tangub and they provided me with a room, comfy bed, electric fan, food, everything. This was certainly awesome. Read more →

Day 59: Hawaiian Breakfast, Literally

I smelled pizza, cheeseburgers, and buffalo wings when I woke up. – not those fastfood buys that we get to have from the local mall. 😉 I stayed at my relatives’ home in Tangub, Bacolod City and I never expected an “international” meal like this. Little did I know that my aunt and her husband arrived a few minutes earlier when I had the chance of smelling that grilled cheese flavor. They came from Hawaii and yes, they brought a great breakfast – carboloaded too, for us all. Read more →

Day 57: Fresh Spring Water Experience

I thought Buro-buro was a “beach resort” so I packed a lot of sleeveless shirts and a bunch of summer shorts. – throw in a native hat, too! When we arrived a few days ago, it was actually a mountain resort with free flowing spring water. Oh no! And at around 10 in the evening, it felt like I am just in Baguio – combine the altitude, rain, and of course, the usual temperature of the place. I was battling with the cold! Read more →

How Sea Salts are Made

When we think of potato chips, we think of salt. Sea salts are used to make these delicious fatty treats we all purchase in one stop shops. My trip in Negros did not limit me to just seeing the beach and relaxing with the soothing wind, it also taught me the how-tos of Sea salt production using, well, the sea. Read more →