Boracay is not the only white sand beach in the whole Philippines. I guess it became such a tourist attraction that many locals, like me, have neglected the other islands of this country. In fact, other beaches are still yet to be discovered. Ever seen the movie The Beach? Well, there are several unseen places here in this archipelago that deserves a lot of credit. One of which involves beaches in Negros Occidental .

I stayed in my father’s hometown for several days and I wandered around the small municipality. People there knows everyone – even the whereabouts of a family member. That’s the beauty of a small community. What lies in this community is a crisp shoreline that has semi-refined shells that make up that white sandy beach. Not to mention the clear waters surrounding the area. Very similar yet more peaceful.

There are beautiful rock formations along the coast and when the tide is low, you’ll get to meet several species thriving on that location: octopus, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, jelly fishes, crabs, and several more trapped inside a puddle between the marble-like-finished rocks. Shells are in great number. It practically dominates the sand ratio in some parts.

Meeting and greeting local fishermen with their fresh catch of the day could actually be useful and probably you could get a discount from them per kilo. Some are even willing to lend you their fishing boats or banka to have your ride adrift the calm waters of this place. It seems like a little paradise to me. No glamor. Just pure nature and getting to know the culture of the people living in Cauayan [10.005368,122.604675], Negros Occidental.