Underground World of Lahab Cave, Capiz

To tell you the truth, I am never really a fan of caves. I’m not a claustrophobic at all but the thought of being stuck inside a hollow space with weathered rocks around was utterly creepy. Not to mention that caves are essentially dark – imagine the creatures crawling inside!

In a world full of skepticism and curiosity, I surrendered myself totally (for the sake of a new experience) and “spelunked” in one of the huge caves of Dumalag, Capiz – The Lahab Cave.Β This significantly changed my perception. πŸ™‚

lahab cave - capiz

The entrance of Lahab Cave – opening its mouth for the visitors.

Located at Brgy. San Miguel, beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites make up Lahab Cave’s magnificence underground. The walls are said to be made of solid strontium and the ceilings consist of prismatic crystals that sparkle like diamonds. On its floor are terraced miniature pools of cool water. The sound of bats echo through the entire space. All these can be observed inside that very cave.

Inside Lahab Cave

lahab cave - floor and ceiling

It’s not that challenging to enter the cave since you have a lot of areas to grab on for your safety. I must admit that I was too scared to take the top route (with all of the minerals to be stepped on) which landed me a very convenient but slippery way from the bottom up. Thankfully, the guides were kind enough to push me and pull me to the right pathway. This might be the downside of a “first time” experience. Sorry πŸ™‚

lahab cave - stalactites and stalagmites

We were not wearing any caving helmets at all and bumping your head onto several stalactites can be very dangerous. Those stalactites are like razor sharp teeth that drops cold trickling water on your scalp. The caving experience needs a little bit of body flexes too in order to maneuver properly and avoid any serious injuries.

Piece of advice: Β Know what you’re stepping on and where you’re stepping on, know what you’re holding onto, and know where you are going. Dodge if you have to. Always remember to protect your head at all cost.

lahab cave - water

The water may look like it’s only at knee-length, but it could also reach up to your hips. Hold on to the sides to avoid slipping.

The rock formations inside are so fascinating. The suspense of seeing something when highlighted by a flashlight made me giddy with excitement. I was constantly telling myself “Wow. Oh… Wow!” Different shapes and sizes, textures, colors, and components brought me back to the day when I was learning about caves in my elementary years.

Now? It’s the real thing.

lahab cave - minerals

I was talking to the guides while we were trekking the cave and I voiced out my concerns about the possibility of increased water levels when it’s raining. He told me that sometimes the whole cave can be filled with water if the weather is not that good. I was scared half to death knowing that it was theoretically possible. Safety first, right?

Nevertheless, anxiety is a part of every adventure.

Exiting the Underground World

We did not finish the entire cave because further away from our route requires more equipment and light. We think it was best for us to rest inside the cave for a couple of minutes before making an exit, heading the same way back from where we entered.

So, we took a 360Β° view of the entire cave and trekked back.

lahab cave - inside shot

“Look! We’re finally back!”

That feeling of seeing other colors aside from the various shades of golden yellow and several “earthy” tones inside the cave gave me such relief that I am still alive and that I am able to see the greens of nature again. It was an ambivalent feeling.

Ready to Explore?

The Lahab Cave is actually accessible through the known Suhot Cave and Spring Resort. In order for you to reach Lahab Cave, you will need a guide to help you through the 30-45 minute trek going to the Lahab Cave. You’ll know if you’re near the cave if you see towering bamboos welcoming you.

lahab cave - bamboo


  • From the city proper of Roxas, proceed to Albar Terminal (the central terminal in Roxas City) and get a PUV/jeepney Dumalag route at P 60.00 per pax
  • Travel Time from Roxas City is only 45 minutes -1 hour
  • From Poblacion, Dumalag get a tricycle to Suhot Cave & Spring Resort P 5.00 per pax. 10 for 2pax , etc..
  • Guides fee
    • Suhot Cave – 200.00/group
    • Langub cave – 300.00/group
    • Lahab Cave – 500.00/group
  • For guiding services, kindly inquire at the Tourist Information Center just within the resort.
  • Entrance fee P 10.00 for adult and 5pesos for children

dumalag capiz map

* This trip would not be possible without the help and assistance of the friendly folks of Capiz Tourism.Β For Contact numbers of Van Rentals or Tour Guides and Tour Coordinators, please message me.


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  3. I love the first photo of this post. Oh, how I miss exploring caves! πŸ™‚

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