I’m not much of a fan of “selfies” but I do however love to document my travels through videos: sometimes talking to myself, sometimes capturing astonishing scenes with my amateur camera, sometimes being goofy and overwhelmed, and sometimes pretending to be a host of a random reality TV.

You know how it feels when you’re “kind-of” traveling alone at times. I must admit, it can be a little bit lonely. Maybe that would explain why I act this way. lol

Here are some of the videos I have done (so far):

Negros Occidental: Don Salvador Benedicto

This is probably the first “decent” video I made while I was on the road. The process was a bit tiring though. It’s not enough to just capture a scene and then go back to admiring the landscape. After filming this, I had second thoughts about even creating a series of travel videos. I guess I have a lot of things to learn before churning out awe-inspiring ones.


Southwestern Visayas: Dumaguete, Bais, and Oslob

I was with some friends during this trip. Somehow, I would love to take a lot of footage to stitch them into different segments. The idea of combining these places came out of nowhere, actually. There are even flashes of stills here which I think worked out ok. Again, this is a product of mere experimentation of traveling, shooting, and editing all at the same time. Blogging is not enough, huh?


Talisay, Batangas: Strangers in a Journey to Taal Volcano

A journey to the world’s smallest active volcano is indeed worth documenting. I went on this trip alone but met some fascinating strangers-turned-friends along the way. Even though it felt so weird to be sharing the experience with a 19-year-old tour guide, I have learned to be genuinely thankful for his company. As an added bonus (which I did not mention in my blog), upon descent, Christine, my horse, was galloping so fast that I ripped my only pair of jeans. Almost all the locals laughed their hardest. Oh well. It is what it is!


Are these all? Yes, kind of? Well, there are some other things… You can see some of the work I did in my Youtube Channel. See you there! 🙂