It was a rainy 4am. I was in McDonalds, at Atrium Mall, Iloilo, hugging my luggage and desperately waiting for the others to arrive. The first 30 minutes had passed and nobody was there. Fifteen minutes later, my friend, Lica, arrived. An hour after, two more friends came over (Kams and Drem) despite the outpour. We were headed off to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines – Roxas City, Capiz! 8)

san antonio resort

Doing a stupid “fake smile” pose at the San Antonio Resort lagoon. haha!

A Php140 aircon bus ride and 2.5 hours later, we found ourselves on a sunny day in Roxas City. Our friends Aica, Nizza, and Jules, (aka hosts) fetched us at the terminal and immediately we headed to the San Antonio Resort to check in. We dropped our bags, turned on the air conditioning unit, and took a tour around.

alma's grill

Foooooooooooooooooood! Yey! 😆

Of course, no Roxas City adventure would be complete without feasting over their delicious and most popular seafoods along the beach area. We had lunch at Alma’s Grill. It was just superb! Not to mention the succulent taste of oysters and grilled scallops. Mmmm.

Viva la Siesta! A few hours of recovering from the belly-bursting fiesta inside our stomachs and we were on the road once more. Next stop: A walk around the Villareal Stadium. This stadium is the main venue of the event where tourism booths, trade/product fairs, can be found. We had our trek along the oval and then we saw an exhibit of various houses of indigenous people in the Philippines. Lucky for us, we studied them – one by one.

villareal stadium

At one of the indigenous houses display – Villareal Stadium.

Pueblo de Panay was our next destination. We had blueberry cheesecakes that were so divine at Cafe Pueblo! Scratch off Php95 from my budget. But hey, it was delicious! Festa Restos is another restaurant across us. Would you even believe that we had a beautiful view of the mountains as well? It was marvelous.

mountain view

Our Mountain View. Sort of a “hill” view that is. haha!

As the night drew near, we went to a karaoke bar above Soul Superclub for dinner – ahh, a taste of Roxas City’s nightlife! Food and Karaoke awaits us. Partying was really not in our itinerary so after singing a few Buttercup songs and Dancing Queen, we were dropped off at the resort for our most-awaited shuteye. 🙄

Espacio Verde

At Espacio Verde. 🙂

The next day, we woke up late – took our baths, prepared our things for home, and off we went to Espacio Verde Resort and Restaurant. It was just a quick ocular survey and then as fast as the milliseconds in our watch, we had lunch again – seafoods still at Alma’s. Yum! We visited the Panulce Pasalubong Shop at Gaisano Mall and thereafter we bid our farewells and blurted out our huge THANK YOUs! haha! Another Php140 “nauseating” bus ride back home awaits. I’ll be returning to explore Roxas City once more! 😆


The awesome look of a person who spent only Php375 for the whole trip! 🙂 Iloilo bound.